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Murder Mystery Dinners

Now you're not just a guest,
you're a suspect.

And the only way to clear your name is to find out who done it. Will you find the murderer? Or will you be their next victim? Guests assume the roll of one of the suspects as they all try to determine who the murderer really is. The cost for dinner and the murder mystery is $49.50 per person. Reservation are required. Put on your sleuth hat and join us for an evening you are sure not to forget.


Have any questions? Give us a call 717-244-4739

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We have not restarted Murder Mystery Dinner events yet. Restrictions on indoor event size prevent us from having enough room to reach the minimum number of guests for the stories. We expect to be back in full swing for the next season starting January 2022. Some of the themes we use in our stories include:

  • Western (1860's or 1880's)

  • Fantasy (Middle Ages like Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings)

  • Zombie (modern time but with the undead!)

  • Pirate (late 1600's)

  • Speakeasy (1920's)

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